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Steve! Wow, that's high! 16002' Now you can tell everyone you went to Peru to get high!
It's amazing how cold it can be so near the equator. Hope you're heading for the costa.

Okay, I'll bite. Why were you walking down a 20 foot embankment?

I don't understand getting on and off the right side of the bike. Yours has the kickstand on the left, correct? (I put 'right' but that looked confusing). It's always harder to get on and off on the side opposite the kickstand plus it presents the problem you experienced. You can't pull the bike over getting off if you're on the side of the kickstand.

Way to stand your ground on the change for the entrance fee. I'm sure it's a game to see if you'll roll your eyes and say keep the change. The more people do that, the more they'll expect it.

Thanks again for the great stories. And it goes without saying, the great pictures. It looks like about a two week gap between the day of the events and the day posted, so I have to wonder, are you back home writing the final installments?
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