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Rallymaniacs pics have come in and they are awesome!

Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
man you really got this rally bug don't you? congrats on your finish thats awesome. Is the 505 the $30K rally purpose built bike from KTM?
I can stop any time I want! Thanks, and no, the 505 is a leftover cross country race model that I put spare parts from Dakar onto to create a rallybike. The purpose built one is a 450RFR (Rally Factory Replica)- there were a few of those there, too. The 505 shares engine architecture but very little else.

Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
What the heck do you do if you need a rest room out there!!
This last question is the easiest of all- you use the room with a view.

Funny story about that, at one point I was running with Martin Fontyn, we'd traded places a few times already. I passed him in some rocks, did about 20k up to a checkpoint, and he pulled in as I was pulling out. I couldn't hold it anymore, stopped at the next turn after examining my motives and deciding I was unwilling to piss my pants. Sure enough, he went by, I tracked him for the next 30k... and then it was my turn to pass him when he had to go. We had a good laugh at that in the evening.

When you get a chance, shoot over those pictures of my ex, would you?
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