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Originally Posted by Reposado1800 View Post
Bump. I hope you haven't been abducted by aliens!
I am alive and well amigo and thanks for your concern.

I wrote this for my FaceBook page but you guys might like it too.

To fully develop as human beings we must venture beyond conventional education and push the limits of our existence past the suffocating mundane. Identify the impossible--then challenge the boundaries of logic.

Climb a difficult mountain, train for a world-class event or travel under arduous circumstances into the unknown. To taste the music of the wind we might have to sacrifice a romance, skin our knees, suffer hunger or break a bone as the magic of the universe feeds our collective souls.

Disregard the odds as you push the envelope beyond what others consider wise and you will flourish with a rare, profound energy that is only experienced when boldly leaping outside of your comfort zone.

No matter the mishaps along the way, stagger back to your feet and keep on swinging, bruised knuckles and all. A delicious victory awaits those who persevere. Awake and feel the pulse of your destiny as you discover that you are the world’s greatest everything.
glen heggstad
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