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klack klack klack

I just picked up a 2004 950 adventure in trade. Got my new prize home and started to give it the love and attention it so badley deserves. When I picked it up it made some engine racket when cold but went away once the engine got to operating temp, buddy said no big deal had alwas done this. Not donted by a challange here I are. I found your site and began to learn about my prize. One dude talked about the oil bypass spring and it was possible here in was my answer. I drained the engine oil (way past it's shelf life) removed the offending spring, stretch,tug, pull, reinsert and assemble. Fill with 10w/50, coolant and to my suprise klack-klack-klack !!!! Again asoon as the engine reaches 100c to 110c it becomes quiet ish. So talk to my local KTM dealer... WELL COULD BE THE P47 OSSILATOR TUBE OR THE GIMSON VALVE RETURN SPRING. BETTER BRING IT IN. Hange up the phone, make note to self to find new dealer next week. I've read about cam chain tensioners and cam chains and ballance shaft interferance but it's the change in noise at temp that gets me. So next is to check oil pressure, but I think it's o.k as the light goes out after start up. One thing I did notice is that if the engine rpm is left below 1250 klack-klack-klack is back. Looking for any insight befor I tear it down to expose her shinney bits.
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