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Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post
Nice! I'm sure it seems like they're too thin to do much at all, but believe in the thermolite! It takes some time to figure
out how to pull it up around your head while inside the bag, but once you get the inch-worm-boogie down you're golden.

Forgive me, loyal readers (sheesh that sounds lame of me )--------going to be
another delay, probably won't have another installment for a week or so while we take family
to tour Death Valley.

There's a week left, 1200 miles or so to get home. It's been an amazing trip so far..........

charles, hurry up before the natives get restless.

well done rr and enjoyed each post.

have fun in dv. you're a week ahead of us, we'll be there last weekend of march. you will miss the spectacle of watching 200 noobs doing what they do best....

hey ratman....being one of the founding fathers of this event, come and join us.
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