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Ray had a fire in him this past week and he got a ton of stuff done!

He re-did the passenger seat mounts and it looks great..of course I didn't grab a photo but I will. Now both the driver and passenger seats are completely mounted and his design uses the four stock seat mounting points and bolts. And the Harnesses use the stock seat belt mounting points so they are all super strong and good to go for tech inspection in Mexicali

Ray also got the door bars done. For the NASA Rallisport specs, one more bar is required, but for NORRA we are just fine. In fact, installing the NASA required element bar would hinder the ingress and egress out of the vehicle for occupants...which goes against the rules as well. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Check out these beautiful TIG welds (excuse the gray paint scrapes)

.....the whole cage is like this. Ray does some amazing work...a true artist.

Ray also installed the bulkhead he and I had spoke about. We were going to cut hole in it so I could see out the back. After driving it a bit like this, I'm going to keep it as is. It will protect us from any tools or parts that break free in the back. It also makes the cabin easier to cool and most importantly looks badass and it reminds me of a proper Rally Raid vehicle.

Then I brought the car over to Lonnie's and he started his graphic work. We decided on some racing stripes and covering the rear windows with paint-matching vinyl. This will serve as the canvas, or base coat for the rest of the graphics which we are still working on. I really like the way it came out. I will get better photos of it all when its done...but this gives you an idea of where I'm heading.

Sorry for the blur, but it shows you the blue side windows...

It was nice to be back in Lonnie's shop, working with him on a project...sure, it wasn't a motorcycle...but we were surrounded by artifacts of our last two years' efforts:

The SL350 head from our first Mexican 1000

And my helmet signed by Malcolm Smith during last years M1K and Dick Mann from this year's, and the last ever, Chehalis AHRMA National at the farm

This is a photo of the last rally car that Lonnie and Ray worked on together, our friend Joe's Jetta.

and here is where we are at now in the graphic process...

...much more to me

I mounted up my Ram Mounts on the roll bar for my gps and Laura's Ipad. I have used the Ram products extensively over the past 3 years of racing motorcycles and they just work. They are a great piece of kit and these were no different.

I didn't want to drill a bunch of holes in the dash, and these mounts provided a clean and sano installation that is truly functional. I like that the interior of the car still looks pretty damn stock...its the look I wanted to achieve.

And fellow ADV FF simestd offered up his Dual GPS puck for us to use during the race with the Ipad and the Motion X HD app. Next thing I know, he priority shipped it to my house from Alaska!! Just to explain again, our Ipad is wifi only and the bluetooth Dual works great and turns our new Ipad into a huge, high definition screened GPS! Thanks simestd for the loaner!!

On Sunday I drove up to David's in Vancouver and Cory came down from Tacoma and we mounted up the 03 Forester front struts he had picked up for us. My only complaint with the car had been some bottoming issues in the front. The Forester Struts are about an inch longer and the springs seem to be a little stiffer. We removed one of the 1/2 inch strut spacers we had on there, in order to keep the car's stance/geometry the same. My initial thoughts are the off road handling is better, but the on road is a little soft, but still very, very good. I now feel the car is dialed in pretty damn close to what I want for the race. Don't get me wrong...if I had more money and time.....things would be different...but this is about a budget build with a strict timeline....and in that respect, we are going to hit the mark in my opinion. Of course...I took no photos of anything at Davids

But we upgraded the thermostat, and did some other maintenance to the car as well as picked up some spares. It was a very productive day and the car performed flawlessly again driving up and back....although it was just a few hundred miles of slab. However, I have about 2,000 trouble free hard-miles on David's race motor so far...and it impresses me every time I drive it

Then it was back to Ray's to mount up the Primitive Racing skidplate and rear diff cover. Of course Ray had to modify the skidplate a bit to add some strength to it!

Rear diff guard

I will now apologize for the crappy quality of the photos..they are just cell phone shots as I am usually too busy to be thinking of grabbing the good camera. I will be taking a some nice shots of all of the elements I mention in these updates and will post them up at the end. Thanks for your patience.

David wanted me to make sure I added some more protection from rocks for the oil cooler and ac a trip to the hardware store and some snipping and voila: more protection.

I actually think it came out pretty cool looking!

Alright...more soon.

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