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Originally Posted by nbsdave View Post
excellent, still curious-how do you do it?
engine braking on downshift or not? front brake only, speed kept under 60, tire pressure, slow acceleration?
I have never heard of 20000 miles on a rear and I want to do it too.
I too have gotten that kind of mileage on a rear tire on my 09 Road King, without trying.

Got over 13,000 miles on the OEM Dunlap tire. Still had lots of tread, but was prepping the bike for a 12,000 mile 4 Corners Tour ride (all 4 corners of the contential U.S. in under 21 days), and there was not enough tread left for that upcoming ride. Did not want to change tire on the road during a timed trip.

Replaced it with the Dunlap American Elite rear tire sold by a non-HD dealership. Rode it 18,000 miles, mostly highways, solo, but heavily loaded with enough gear for three cold weeks on the road, and basic camping equipment. There wasn't room for a passenger with all the gear. Lots of 80 to 90 mph miles, as this country has a lot of vast empty areas. There was still good tread on it, but there was another upcoming big trip....

Replaced that rear tire with another of the same, Dunlap American Elite. The OEM tire was now available at non-HD stores, but I had good luck with the prior that I kept with it. So far, only have 5,000 on it, but those were very heavily loaded, two up, pulling a one-wheel trailer with too much tongue weight. If that rear tire wanted to up and die, it would deserve to. But, no, it looks great, and I've got another 10,000 miles of trips planned this summer and have no intentions of changing the rear tire for them.

Most riding is highway, around town, and gentle back roads. The motorcycle is 800 pounds, plus my 190 plus all the crap I always have in the saddle bags, plus luggage. Don't race the bike, but don't baby it either. No burn outs, but do sometimes hit the rev limiter on hard acceleration. Have participated in Motor Officer class, so do know the bike's abilities and am not afraid to lean it. My chicken strips are quite respectable for a touring bike. Do drag the rear brake for slow speed stability, and aid the front brake in normal braking, aiming for 70/30 ratio.

Agree, that with these tires, I don't see the need for the dark side.
Note: The OEM Dunlaps felt a little more sure footed than the A.E. Dunlaps, but at a higher price. Both stick just fine and I'm happier with these than the Metzler's and the Avon's I used to run. Michelin now makes one for HD, and i might try it next time just to see how it works; like their car and truck tires.

Oh, tire PSI is around 42 all the time.
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