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Originally Posted by NonDairyCreamer View Post
A question for any Road King owner, present or past.

I once owned a '92 FLHS, Electra Glide Sport Moco called it, Road King now. When cruising interstates, usually 80-85, I had the slightest bit of vibration in the front end which I thought was the wind pushing the windshield. It was very subtle. Is this something anyone has noticed on later models?

Also the motor vibration had my feet always slowly sliding off the floorboards, I always wanted to find some of the boot scrapers found on bikes from many years past to mount, like stirrups.

A great bike for exploring and touring though. I wonder now if a fork damper or just tightening up the yoke bearings would fix the first problem. Maybe for the other issue some boot magnets?
Can't speak for your 20 year old EGS, as it had different engine, transmission, frame, etc. than either of my late model Road Kings. But, none of your concerns happened in either my 07 or 09 Road Kings, and they are mostly stock. With cruise control on, I often ride only using one hand, or sometimes no hand if I have to adjust a glove. The rubber mounts do a wonderful job of keeping the engine's vibrations away from the motorcycle frame and the rider, so I have never felt my feet "vibrating off the boards."

You might want to find a renting dealer and try a new one for a day. I suspect that everything you liked about your old one will still be there, and most you didn't like will be gone. Even Harley haters are slowly admitting that today's Harley's are pretty nice.
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