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Originally Posted by wah64apache View Post
Thanks MJS. I am also looking at the 105mm kit from CT Racing that uses a JE forged piston also. It will take the engine out to 720cc I believe. But the issue is it will require a re-sleeve of the cylinder with another, bigger Nikasil sleeve.
Millenium technologies can do that. It won't be cheap and I don't know if I can find anyone to re-flash the ECU with appropriate fuel maps. I'm a Luddite when it comes to computers. The DS 650 was carbureted so it was something they could do easily with jetting. Ours aren't so easy.
Bottom line, if I can fit the standard bore JE piston with 11.5 then that is what is going in. I don't want another cast piston. I'll do what I can once I know how close these two pistons were in compression height to minimize the impact if it is higher with pockets.
Cheers, Frank
This place looks interesting:
730, 770, or even 800cc!
Power Commander makes a tuneable fuel control unit for the X.
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