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Originally Posted by Jimmy the Heater View Post
I have a 02 BMW 1200LT and it is on the chopping block for the same reason. Great bike to ride, and normal maintenance isn't that bad but damn I never want to pay for the servo brake service.

I test rode a '10 HD Ultra and if I was in the market for another touring bike that would be the one I'd get. (currently trying to sell the LT for a DS now tho) Only 2 downsides were the rubber mounted floorboards were too flimsy and my riding pants were getting toasted when I put my right foot down at lights. Other than that, perfect.

You think the LT can eat miles in comfort, it has nothing on the Ultra. Amazing machine.

Another thing to consider is when I did my last 2 bike tours about 90% of the bikes I saw out in the middle of nowhere touring were HD. A few Wings, a Strom or 2, some FJR's, and 1 other BMW is the only other type I saw. That has got to count for something.
Thank you for your fair, objective look at Harley. The 2010 you rode was the first year with a catalytic converter in the exhaust pipes, and most report they do get hot. Keep in mind the factory sends them out lean, which equals heat, to pass emissions requirements. You can thank the EPA for that. It is fairly easy and a few hundred dollars to correct that with the aftermarket. Runs cooler, removes pinging, and gives the engine more power.
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