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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
For a passenger, there is no better bike on the planet than a Goldwing. It is also smooth and quiet, which should suit someone coming from a BMW. Yes, it is a bit like a 2 wheeled car (though not an Accord, or Camry, the most boring cars in the world) but that is what it takes for long trips with a lot of luggage and a passenger. The 1800s handle very well. Only things I don't like about them are the chain cam drive (used to be belts) and the valves that have to be adjusted (the 1200 and 1500 has hydraulic valves).
Valve adjustment intervals on the flat six are 32,000 miles, so it's about as close to a maintenance free system you'll find shy of hydraulic. They're quite easy to get to when the time comes too.

I owned a GL1800 and it was a terrific touring bike - almost cheating to do a Saddlesore 1000 on it compared to doing one on a Blackbird or an R1100S.

But, comfort is a subjective thing. My wife liked riding pillion on the Wing, but says the Guzzi Stelvio was much more comfortable for her 5', 115lb frame. Shape of the seat, seat-peg relationship, etc. She preferred the Stelvio to the Wing, ST1300, and FJR1300.

Of all the big touring rigs though, I will say that the big Wing is the sportiest one I've ridden, and can keep a sportbike guy entertained.
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