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Originally Posted by Dracula View Post
... Doing always what society expects one to do only yields the mediocre results we all know and expect. By large that may not be bad, but fulfilling isn't either. Fear is the only thing between thought and action.
Hey Vic, interesting observation. I forget how Einstein supposedly worded it, but great ideas will be met with violent opposition from mediocre minds. I see it all the time. And look at the condition of our country. It beats us into submission so we hold back our ideas. Part of it is ignorance and part is selfishness/envy. They don't want to share us and they don't want us having any fun they aren't having. Our inactions may be due to a fear of alienating the people we care about, and to that of the unknown. But the fear of the unknown is also where we get a lot of the adrenaline rushes pleasantly associated with travel.

Originally Posted by Dracula View Post
I once had a cat in my apartment who we never let outside. .... I saw him weeks later rummaging through the trash cans in company of all other cats, dirty but so happy! He eventually returned to me to spend more years before finally being relocated in the country side in a more natural habitat.
That's funny about the cat. It's the animal instinct. It's present in us all. While it's clearly destructive for us to exercise that instinct unrestrained, our society has been conditioned to try to suppress it completely, at least publicly. I suspect it creates a stress of internal conflict and that there's a better balance we could attain. Perhaps we could mitigate some of our propensity for disease if we learned to allow greater expression of our internal instincts, ones which didn't injure other people.

People are often dumping cats out here in the natural habitat of the countryside. You'd think it's be easier for them to simply dump them at the SPCA in town. They end up meeting the same fate but at least at the SPCA they are fed in the meantime, and stand a fleeting chance of being adopted by a little girl or sumpin.
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