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Originally Posted by Little Bike View Post
Nope. On plan C, no wait D, E?!!! :loll
I figured out some money solutions - But, my poor dog Winnie ended up back at the vets yesterday afternoon. My principal wasn't too happy about me missing Open House night (I asked a friend to tell her that I had a doggie emergency and put a note on my classroom door, but I found out today that she didn't get the message - oops)

What's another $186?

I picked up a flier on pet insurance.....

I sent you a pm, if you didn't get it I want to thank you for the kind offer of squishing into your camp spot!
Looking forward to the ride up to Wild Rose
Missed the PM

Hope you are done with the vet bills and she heals well. Read the fine print on the pet insurance. I had some many years ago and was surprised at what it didn't cover.

Stop by and say Hi (space # 1). I should be pulling in noon Tuesday.

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