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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Let's get back to that, after you've actually done Asia on your bike. Somehow seems to widen people's perspective - helps you realize, why riding in US, or Europe, or Oz, is in the end quite easy (and safe) compared to most other parts of the world, and how you may need to learn a whole different game.

So go to India, or Pakistan, or Indonesia, ride them all on your bike, and THEN go back behind the keyboard, and lecture a world traveller, how he should ride (so for one thing, youŽll have more than 30 seconds of video, where to base your views on.)
I couldn't agree more that there are two different perspectives here and I don't have one of them to speak from, but when I'm speaking from my very limited experience (which I "wear on my sleeve", in my signature) and softly and kindly offer my perspective, and to have you aggressively come after me by say I'm lecturing him, that's awful shitty of you and just completely unnecessary.

I said nothing against him. I never said I thought he should do it another way or he's wrong. I said I saw both sides of it. And I just gave my perspective, based on my experience.

We all have got to treat each other better on here, this is just not necessary.
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