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The Jessie luggage is nice stuff and it fits very tight to the bike. That's good and bad. I don't want to start modifying racks at this time and cobble up Al's hard work. I feel it would be best to come direct from the manufacturer for best fit and finish.

In order to install one of our ESBs or LST you need to have a 2-1 system. The most common version we are selling at this time with our parts are the Remus Roxx 2-1. Problem is with the Jessie System (current version) installed, you can't fit the Remus Roxx 2-1 pipes either. So at this time if you are interested in this combo- CJ Designs/ Remus Roxx / Jessie luggage, please email Al at Jessie luggage and let him know.

Last I heard he is busy building luggage for the new water buffalo.... er New BMW GS. Once that is done he may look into the KTM fitment, but only if there is enough demand.

With out the luggage bars moved outward the ESB or LST could be modified to fit. You would loose a fair amount of storage. At this time I will not be working on this box modification b/c of the cost associated to do so on such a small run. In order to get my time back out of it, I'd have the double or triple the cost of the product for redesign/ fab time and have units pre-sold. I posted a call out for interested riders months ago. I got 2 emails.

If you or some you know has the skills, they are more then welcome to modify an existing version. I do have the ESBs in stock at this time.

The only 2-1 silencer kit that would work with the current Jessie system that I know of would be our 2-1 collector and a Remus revolution style silencer.

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