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I am a little younger than you guys but ill tell you my story. A buddy of mine brought a Yamaha Blaster to my house his parents bought it new for him. At the time, we had a HUGE open field across the street. Well i started riding it, and my Dad got me and my brother a CRF230F, we get it home and I was a cocky lil SOB. Well i get on it, take off riding around, it starts raining. Well i go around a curve and hit some mud, Whiskey Throttle the shit out of the bike and fall down. Lemme add something here, when we were looking at bikes for me and my brother, I begged my Dad for a YZ125. Real glad he didnt get that for me. After that i backed off a learned from my Dad, he had more experience with bikes at the time then i did. Still to this day i will never forget that time. Makes me glad i am a Motorcyclist, and i have taken it and ran with it. After the 230, i picked up a used YZ250 and was a better rider on it since i learned on the Honda.

I also would like to add that starting riding on the dirt, i feel that it has made me a better rider.

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