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Originally Posted by chavo_dakar_bolivia View Post
HAHAHAH Thats a good one! Funny thing is I´ve never been to that area....YET.....
Bluebull, are gonna ride with me there?
They ve said here the government is paying around 2MM..not sure though.
Hi Chavo!

South Western Bolivia is seriously awesome riding. I would love to ride with you there, but when depends on when my leg is healed. I still cant walk at the moment.

If the government are paying 2 million then its two stages in Bolivia.

Im betting that the Bivouac will be in Uyuni (3,900m) right next to the ginormous Salar de Uyuni....

Only problem with crossing the Salar at that time of year is that its full of water......makes it very dangerous.

In January 7 german tourists got stuck out there for no less than 5 days. They had to send a plane to go and look for them.
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