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Originally Posted by sandalscout View Post
I completely understand what you mean and where you are coming from.... however, I've decided that I can farkle my KLR to the level I want, have a bike that looks pretty good and does 99% of the riding that I want to do, and still be more capable than I will ever be. It took me a while to come to the idea of spending any serious money on my KLR, but once I realized I'll have less than $4000 (including purchase) into a bike that I REALLY like, I decided to go for it. Beats having three bikes in the garage, insuring, licensing and maintaining them and only riding one.
To each their own. You sir, will just have a nicer KLR than I will ever have. I just don't make alot of money so my bike gets mediocre mods and thats it
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