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Originally Posted by UncleR View Post
I think you might be onto something with your T-shirt idea. I would think there would be some graphic designers lurking on this site - perhaps a little design competition for a tshirt depicting your travels. I'd buy one. Anything to help you ride on. I'm enjoying every bit of the report and have made it my morning staple for weeks. Here to the end.
Hi UncleR,

I'm going to look into alternative methods of helping out ride reporters while I'm home this summer.

I certainly am no genius when it comes to ADVriding. Before now I just saved my money like a normal person and went riding when I had a few thousand bucks. Nothing wrong with that method.

Although I've been riding for decades, this is only my second ride report on ADVrider. I really was curious to see if the paypal thing would work once people here showed me how to set it up. Which is why I started reporting back how much I spend and how much was donated each month. Nobody reports back how that has worked for them. It has really saved my bacon, especially when the Sherpa got smacked coming off the boat out in the Darien. You guys haved helped me keep this ride report going probably three months longer than it would have through your financial help. The only problem is, according to the ride report rules here, cash donations are frowned upon. But it's okay to have a link to personal website where you offer things for sale as long as you're not doing this as some kind of business.

I really want to find a way for financially strapped riders to get on the road. I know I have donated to others. It's an expensive deal taking off from work and riding around the world. I want to document ways for financially limited folks to take off and get some kind of support so they can fulfill their dreams. What works. What doesn't work. That sort of thing.

I will look at all creative solutions for riders that I can and report back what I find. Right now I am down to my last few hundred bucks and will be heading back home next month to reload and come up with fresh ideas.

This whole live ride reporting deal has been great! I have met so many great folks and gotten so many great riding tips on fun roads, places to see. The live daily feedback is more interesting reading than what I'm doing currently. It's better reading than most books since you never know what's going to happen in this story from day to day.

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