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Originally Posted by Dracula View Post
Hi John,

I just love those words. Doing always what society expects one to do only yields the mediocre results we all know and expect. By large that may not be bad, but fulfilling isn't either. Fear is the only thing between thought and action.

I once had a cat in my apartment who we never let outside. Living on first floor with window open, at night he was attracted by the choir of vagabond cats in the street making all the cat noises right under my window. I could see him tense, his whole body shaking, and watching their every move from the comfort of the home, torn inside by the desire to join them, standing right on the edge of jumping outside. But he usually didn't do it. Except for one night when another cat jumped on the window ledge and they were right next to each other. The rest is history. I saw him weeks later rummaging through the trash cans in company of all other cats, dirty but so happy! He eventually returned to me to spend more years before finally being relocated in the country side in a more natural habitat.

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Hi Vic,

The hardest part of taking off is jumping out the window, or in our case getting out of the driveway.

People project their fears on you wherever you go. Always telling you stories they have heard from friends of friends about how dangerous the world is.

Don't listen to them. Just because they are afraid to leave their driveway doesn't mean you have to be. It turns out that having your bike coast to a stop in the rain at night in the middle of Colombia with a dead motor is kind of fun. And looking down at the smashed front end of a bike in the middle of the Darien isn't such a bad thing. What looked initially like the end of my ride turned out to be a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Plus, you gain an incredible amout of self assurance and personal satisfaction when you test yourself and come out on top. I would have to say you gain a new perspective on the world and renewed faith in humanity when you travel around and find out it's not the scary place the news media has been portraying. Positive and uplifting news stories don't sell advertising. I am doing my best to balance that out by reporting what I find down the roads less traveled. It isn't that bad out here as far as I can tell. I'm still looking for the scary stuff people back home warned me about. Haven't found it yet.

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