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Originally Posted by mousitsas View Post
Indeed, you have to go back a few times accepting the trims, so it might take some riding (and usb fiddling), but the end result shouldn't be different than what a good brake dyno will provide, plus it is free. In fact the result will be even better as no dyno can simulate the road, or the way you ride.
I will soon do exactly the same to a friends 990, so I will know first hand.
Granted the dyno graphs were printed at wot, as that is for power......But... we fiddled around " driving on the dyno" and were able to see live numbers as when you ride, so I will agree that you can achieve same results over a period of time.... a one stop setup....I'l take the dyno....any time. The real secret is the tuner's infinite knowledge of the PC-5 programming. That is where the real value shows. Before we started, Eddie asked what my concerns were, as he had not worked the 800 before, but were familiar with the bigger GS, and have done a few of those. He then proceeded to load the base map, and after a few runs, and map tweaking, it was done. If you are a knowledgeable guy like yourself, then most likely you can achieve same results over time. But many are not. This is the first time I have a bike with the pc-5/at circuit, although I have seen it in action many times, I am smart enough to not dick with something until I know what I'm doing..... specially if it can destroy the motor...... The whole idea, and money for that matter, was to draw attention to how lean this thing run, and only way to do on the dyno. I am however confident you will achieve what you are looking for.

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