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Well, bad luck I guess.. after just over 80'000 km my engine's started to belch a big white smoke, and eats oil like there's no tomorrow. Turns out compression on one cylinder is dead. The ever helpful (sarcasm included) BMW rep tell me I should repair the whole top end, replace pistons, rods, all valves, etc.. Sure, easy for them. But: Big job = big $ - a no go for me right now.

So I'm willing to open up the beast and have a look at the internals, and rebuild what needs to be rebuilt. E.g., if it's just the rings that broke but the pistons are clean, than why replace them, right ? so I've got a few questions for you:

- who's done this before, any major issue ? special tooling ? reports ? I'm not a great wrench but I can get help.
- isn't 80k a bit early for that kind of issue ? it's just less than 3 years old (a 2010 model). Granted I've brought it all around Africa, but that was a lot of long stretches at moderate speed.. Ok, I guess it could happen at any time. I should be happy it's happened at home and not in the middle of Congo
- what parts would you repair anyway once the engine's open, knowing the mileage ?


PS: can somebody share a copy of the factory repair DVD to get me a head start ?
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