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Originally Posted by DR650DG View Post
if any engine will do, then would I need to have some metal fabrication work done to the frame to make it fit? Has anyone done this to their DR 650? The shop told me a new year would need fab work on the frame to work.
Originally Posted by DR650DG View Post
Anyone know of a good contact in Northern California?
I would love to talk to someone knowledgeable with this issue of mine and get this bike running again soon. Fortunately I have a new bike to ride, so my motivation is simply to rebuild this bike with a newer engine, and get this bike sold to someone in need of a great ride.
Your shop are wrong ... any DR650 motor from '96 to 2013 will fit perfectly in any DR frame frame from ALL those years.

I'm in San Rafael. Best course to find another engine is probably buying a crashed DR ... or find an older one cheap. Engines alone rarely come up.
But I would be searching Craig's List nationwide and try to find one. But shipping a motor cross country are NOT CHEAP!

About two months ago a guy had a fairly beat up early DR650 for sale right here in San Rafael for $1200. So, once in a while good deals come along.
I don't have the skill to rebuild a DR motor and I don't know anyone who does outside of an actual shop. If a shop does it, figure 8 to 10 hours of labor ... at somewhere around $75 to $90 per hour.

A crashed bike might be your best bet. Something with a crunched frame but where the engine is still OK. Good luck in your search.
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