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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
Do you have the petcock on one tank turned off? Becuase this is TERRIBLE mileage!
Wish i had 90miles on each side tank, and having FUN!

Originally Posted by Irideeverything View Post
I picked up an 08 990 ADV in January and did some decent road riding over the weekend. Gas light came on around 130 miles I think. It took about 2.2 gallons per side. Sounds like $hitty mileage to me, or another problem. Thoughts??
Decent offorading, 130 miles to the light ain't that bad..

Originally Posted by tilting40s View Post
Update: so just calculated for last ride 20.16... mpg :( It sucks because I'm happy w/ how smooth and powerful it is. I've been reading that a lot of people who got good mpg's with stock map put slip on pipes had the bike prof. remapped and experienced mid 20's mileage. I guess re-setting to stock map would be the first step. If that doesn't help then it's on to more investigation. Anyone exp. remapping really screwing with economy??? What have people paid for professional remapping?
With Tuneecu (or 990 friend with tuneecu) check if O2's are off, set them on and testride. Test TB's synch and if no change, load stock map.
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