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650 X (moto) radiator hose

Hello friends,
I've been reading this thread for a couple years now, ever since I started researching the x-moto I went on to buy. I haven't posted much at all since I'm very much a noob, but I'm looking for some help from fellow x-riders, and this is the best place for it.
Overall, I'm very very happy with the bike, but last night (8pm on a chilly evening) after riding 3 miles, I felt like somebody threw a water balloon at my left leg - the coolant hose disconnected from the reservoir, and spilled its content all over the road in bourgeois Brentwood. I found a spot under a streetlamp and stopped to investigate, then called up my girlfriend to deliver my tools and bottle of coolant. I reconnected the hose, made sure it was on there tight, and hopped back on my ride. After 5-10 minutes, the coolant light went on - then turned off as soon as I got up to speed on the freeway. Upon getting back home, I can see the hose is still leaking near the connection (but the hose isn't loose). Any ideas what might have caused a blowout like that, or why the hose might still be leaking? The bike has 8500 miles on it, should the gaskets be replaced on the radiator hose attachment?

Thanks in advance! I'm in east Los Angeles, if anybody is interested in riding sometime, you can PM me.

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