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We have a problem around here with fake Cops too.. The media and the Local Police agencies warns you to call 911 to verify, but hard to do on a Moto. I don't have one of them fancy Bluetooth setups, and even if I did, I don't know if I could hear it over the wind noise. That and having to talk in a stressful situation, while riding and possibly evading. Driving or riding to a Police Station is a good idea if you know where one is. A few years ago some Perp tried to pull over a young woman here in Southlake, TX (DFW suburb) he had some flashing lights of some sort, she called 911, the operator told her to keep driving and gave her directions to the Southlake Police station, while he followed her almost right up to the Police station with lights flashing, before he realized what happened but too late they caught him. IIRC it wasn't the first time he had done that either. Another time some fake cops pulled over some real cops (off duty) here in Dallas. There seems to be a lot of them around here.
Guy I used to work with did not show up one day. Turned out he was doing the fake cop thing. Did not go well for him. Then when he got out, he committed suicide.

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