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Thanks Plaka, appreciate all the advice. I rubbed down the SS headers with isopropyl rubbing alcohol to get rid of any oily fingerprints before I started the bike last night. The SS headers should turn slightly gold, correct? Anything else I should know about proper care of SS headers?
Only stuff I know is what I have been reading here and what I have been going through re-habbing mine. They blue close to the head then straw colored further down. You can keep buffing it off but I kinda like the look-o'-power. Mine got straw colored all the way to the muffler. I suspect just keeping them real clean will go farthest to avoid corrosion, will have to see. Not hard to rehab them, you don't remove enough metal to matter. Mine were really bad and looked like hell. Had them on about 3 years. I suppose I can deal with touching them up annually with the conditioning disks and a buffing wheel.
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