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Oh man, serious moto lust. I dream of finding a heinrich tank in a barn somewhere. I wake up sweating. I the drem thing on the rear fender a toolkit?

I have a newer model drum filter style airbox with the dual vent hoses, inc the hoses. Both the airbox and the top cover. I was going to polish them out. Need glass beading at minimum. I'm going to stay with my flat airbox. (have another one of those) too inc. top cover.). interested? (I'm trying to raise money for new brake lines. I'm poor).

An Item I got on ebay (and one of the last, I dislike the place) was a set of repro. Red turn signal lenses. Not the finest molding but look OK if you don't get right down real close. I used to have some OEM ones. Really look nice on the rear.
The Heinrich tank was a "barn find" on a hundred dollar bike I bought, so they're out there.
The "drum" on the back is an old "Hodaka Ace" Tool can for junk storage. (my first bike was a Hodaka 90) The tool box in the top of the tank is pretty big and holds an overstuffed tool kit that smells of gas all the time since the cap is vented.
I had a registration copy in the tool box, went to pull it out one time and the fumes had faded all the typing off the page. Handed the Cop a blank sheet of paper. He's like, "What's this?"

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