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I have had a pair of the brown Balance boots for two years. I like them very well. The buckles are fiddly. I like word, "fiddly". It's an apt description. One morning after fitful night of little sleep (in a tent during a heavy rain) I was fastening up my boots and something felt very wrong. Rubbing my eyes and looking again I had started to attach a buckle to the wrong strap. No wonder if felt odd. You should be awake when putting on any boots.

One thing I don't like is there's no hard ankle protection on the inboard side. Not likely there would be on a true trials boot.

Yes, they're pretty comfortable and they are waterproof like a duck's ass. No leaks, no worries. Even if you get your DR-Z stuck in a spring. The water kind, not the coiled kind.

Honestly there's another pair of boots I wear more often just because they go on faster but there are no boots that could be more dependable than these.
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