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Originally Posted by bananaman View Post
New Deal: Nata Harli is out. Apparently he blew his wad in Cambodia having the time of his life, and now he has a new job that includes working just about every summer weekend. Sure, it's not going to be the same without him, especially since he's been the biggest disorganizer.

So, we're going to need somebody else to pick up the disorganizing where Nata Harli didn't even get started.

If nobody picks a real spot, you can fall back to where we were yesterday, or I mean last year. Maybe Throttlemeister can pick up where Nata Harli left off.

As for Copper Canyon, or anywhere south of the border, I'm very seriously trying to figure out how to get there in May, probably before my daughter graduates from the University of Tucson.

Except that I might drive a minivan...

But I digress.

Finding a spot, like a camp site, isn't really that hard. All the usual complaints, "It's too hot/cold/windy/remote" don't apply, on account of already having had it in the snow, which set the bar pretty high for a low point.

If we have it at my place, the cost is zero, except for what you eat and drink. There are barns and sheds for shelter and stuff, there's room for camping, and there might even be room in the house for a few FF's- last year I think we squeezed a total of six guys into the three upstairs bedrooms, the front porch, and the living room. The rest camped.
OK But did he also spend a lot of money
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