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Day eight

It's time to wrap this ride up, time to ride home.

As usual, I'm leaving it to the Sun and heat to get me out of the tent. But it takes to long today... As soon as I got head out of the tent it's clear why... Actually it's not clear at all. Completely overcast sky with low clouds. And it's cold. Well, colder considering the fact that last few days temperature was above 30 degrees (85 F).

I'm taking my time with morning routine. Walk to the spring, gathering driftwood for fire, making tea...

Feet over the edge, dam at lake Zaovinsko

One very happy guy

This is color photo. Sediments from water cover everything taking away all the colors

Victim from day one :)

Time lapse video, breaking the camp down (are these videos showing??? I can't see them...)

First up is a ride around lake Zaovinsko. I had great expectations from that ride. And again, when you have high hopes or expectations it's easy to be disappointed... Firstly, from the road going around the lake I expected more views of the lake its self.

Secondly, the road is not in great shape. Almost every corner is full of gravel so I had to be very careful.

And thirdly, how the fuck can I enjoy the ride when I go down after five minutes of riding? One of the side roads leading down to the lake. Front wheel got into the "rut" in slow corner. No damage done. Surprisingly how easy it is to pick the bike up in the morning, when you're not tired

Photo shoot at the dam separating lake Zaovinsko and another lake containing drinking water.

Blackberries, I'm to early :)

ACCESS DENIED, only measure guarding drinking water reservoir

After very enjoyable ride trough pine forest it's time to get off the mountain. I had great expectations from this road and this time I got what I hoped for. Picture this in your head: You're riding trough a forest. Road is nice and twisty. And then, just when you exit one of many corners you get The View. Drina river valley, almost straight below. 800 meters to the valley floor. Road is almost carved in the rock-face...

It's a sin to ride fast on roads like this and miss the views :)

Break at the source of shortest river in Serbia, 365 m long Vrelo river.

Earlier this year I rode shortest route from there to my hometown. Doing the same, not very spectacular, paved road two times in a year doesn't sound to appealing and besides, where's the fun in using the shortest route possible. Short glance at the map and plan is formed: I'm off to Uzice town. I have a friend living there and it would be nice opportunity to see each other.

Road between Bajina Basta and Uzice is very fun to ride. Pavement is not in best condition but road has extreme shortage of straights and that's always a good thing. Getting into a nice rhythm, attacking every corner... You know, general enjoyment of riding a bike :)

Another break at Kadinjaca hill, scene of large battle in WW2.

Between Uzice and Pozega town is absolutely worst section ever! That is part of the main road connecting Belgrade (Serbian capital city) with Adriatic coast in Montenegro. And it's holiday season. Heavy traffic with nervous drivers, speed well below legal limit... Very annoying.

This is from Uzice, WW2 tank.

Luckily for me, in Pozega I'm leaving main road and very quickly there are almost no other vehicles around. There is a railroad museum in Pozega. I don't know if it's open for visitors but there is a large gap in the fence, not to far from main entrance :) Cool old trains...

I'm really enjoying last proper twisties as I approach Valjevo town. One last proper hill before I head toward plains... Road between Valjevo and Sabac is also special one. Gentle rolling hills, fast open corners, three lanes on most uphills and race-track pavement. Few years back I rode there on a bicycle with only one thought on my mind: I wish I'm on a bike right now! Now when I'm riding it on a bike I also have one thought: I wish I'm on a 600 sport bike Loaded 500 cc dualsport bike is simply to slow for this kind of roads...

And now just add some fast, open corners...

After Sabac it's back to boring straight roads across the plains. This is cruising territory. One last opportunity to warm up the tires is at Fruska Gora mountain, just before arriving back to Novi Sad. No photos there...

Few kilometers before I get home first drops of rain start falling but I arrive home dry. Tonight there are no problems looking for a campsite 'thou it may be difficult to drive tent pegs into hardwood floor...

And that's it. End of my first proper multiday bike trip. Few things were clear right then, most importantly: I WANT MORE!!! Few random thoughts, conclusions and impresions I'll write about in next post.

And then we're off to part two. This thread is far from being over

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