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Originally Posted by Tails_KTM View Post
One interesting observation I made is that the 1190 feels less stable while driving in traffic jams. First gear is not that short, so I needed the clutch a lot, and the bike does not track that well at super low speeds.
I parked it on some gravel for a photo but unfortunately the camera battery was dead due to the cold weather. I hope there is a Powerpart to solve this, because the sidestand sank right into the gravel and I almost dropped the bike!
I just read the review in Motorrad (the comparison test of the 19/17 wheeled travel enduros) and they complained that the steering damper was set too high (too much dampening). Perhaps this is what you are experiencing?

I will be curious what the ratio of non-R to R Adventure sales is. I like the idea of a 950 SE and a regular 1190, but the idea of a single bike to do it all is cool too (ie 1190R).

In anycase congrats on the sweet new ride!
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