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Originally Posted by eye.surgeon View Post
If you're worried about top speed and jumps, you're not in the market for a GS.
Thanks for pointing this out. After 11 years with GSes I think I can decide myself.

This is a 125HP bike. I am curious about its real v-max (and rest assured I will find out what it is when I get the chance). If someone posts it, make sure to NOT read it. :)
(no irony intended, but is your MS in the same market as GS? Because people were indeed curious when an 150HP bike with super-motard setup and wheels, claimed "enduro" capabilities - have you ridden it to its v-max?)

As for jumps I am seeking more info about the capabilities of the new suspension. The last one was fantastic for touring, very capable for off-road, but had specific limitations (and weird sounds to go along). Haven't heard the same about the new one. Jumps are one of the best ways to check suspension (going down from a wheelie also... but sorry for bringing this up, I shouldn't, because this is a GS after all, right? ).
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