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Originally Posted by HunSolo View Post
Pay attention to the fit of the ball joint into the trailing arm. When I pulled mine, the joint shaft had obviously been orbiting in the oversize hole. The non-tapered shaft was quite sloppy on my '07 GS (21" Woody, Wunderlich triple clamp), enough so that BMW offered to replace the arm, though the bike was out of warranty. When the new part arrived, it had the same sloppy fit. I solved the problem with a section of brass feeler gauge as a wrap-around shim.

The stiffer triple clamp will give you a lot more than just clearance for your 21" front. At least with the Italian Wunderlich clamp, the bike steers much sharper and is less forgiving than with the original softer lower clamp. Feels more rigid, like a race bike, and requires more of the rider, like a race bike. Fun, but like everything else, you get something and you give something up.
Interesting you had the issue with the oversize hole..... Like Dean said the bike's we have fitted to have had a hardened steel cone washer to seat into the arm. Did yours have this washer/spacer? The other thing maybe to check is the surface finish on the seat in the arm, if it is a bit rough the chatters can be pushed back down and create a tiny tiny clearance that then over turns into SLOP!!!

I have to admit it would not be the first out of tolerance parts I have seen on BMW's over the years and even a few less on KTM's but they are far worse when they do happen on the orange bikes......(frame twisted from the ktm factory to the point of 25mm miss alignment of the wheels)

I rode a 06 with the wunderlich clamp on and motard wheels a few years back and it was great!! Exactly like you say it became very responsive and sports bike like!

We wanted to make this product some time ago but hours were not on our side! But now we have an even better part that is even stronger and in my completely bias opinion looks heaps better too!

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