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Originally Posted by 2upAussie990 View Post
It's no wonder Aussie resorts and motels are always winging about people not holidaying locally. Am in the process of working out accom etc on Hamilton Island for a work related conference and the resorts have you over a barrel. Nearly $600 for breakfast alone for 7 days for 2 adults and 2 kids. that's just farkin breaky, hope someone is actually feeding it to me for that also, guessing it will be another $600-800 for basic lunches, and then that again for dinner each night, that's on top of just under $3k for accom and slug another $1200 for airfares, fark me.
My whole family went on a Sth Pacific cruise 4 years ago and inc everything we spent on board and on the islands etc was less than $3000. and we ate like kings morning noon and night.
I agree, $1200 will get you to Europe.
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