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Originally Posted by VxZeroKnots View Post
I had a 2009, it held almost 2 quarts of oil and was an absolute hammer. The reliability of the newer ones was in question at first but those concerns seem to be largely unfounded. I say go for it!
If you read Cafe Husky before buying an X-Lite 310, you'd probably go a different direction.
Not many people post up with threads about how well their bike has been treating them - only the relative few who have had problems.

Mine was rock solid, and a helluva lot of fun. I should have gone shorter on the gearing - who'd have thought going up five teeth on the back would still leave that ultra-close ratio gearbox with too tall a first for really long steep technical climbs.

And it was a JD Tuner away from fueling perfection. On the gas it was great, on trailing throttle it was like you turned the key off - and just THINK about touching the throttle and you'd leap forward.
The combo of that and a touchy rear brake made tricky, slow descents.....trickier and slower

I went down from three bikes to one, so I needed something with some street legs.
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