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Originally Posted by Disco Dean View Post
Interesting. My ball joint has a tapered foot and straight shaft. The shaft fits very tightly to the a-arm hole and I twisted an Allen socket tightening it to torque so I think your unit must have been loose for a while.

Either way here are the disks for the new woodsy wheels coming. Very nice units. And the ft fork top clamp bushings to make it all fresh and tighter than a.....

Just a quick one Dean, when you push the bushings out maybe spay some penetrating spay around them first, I have replaced quite a few of these and every now and then you get some that have completely seized in the alloy clamp from corrosion. Do it the night before, it wont hurt and it might just save a few headaches!

Also use a socket or turn up a sleeve to press them in and out from the outer casing not on the internal part as the outer casing is very thin almost just tin, it will just stretch the outer casing and give it more freeplay than the ones you pushed out!

I know you probably already all over it but on the chance you or someone else had not done those bushes before these are quite handy tips that can possibly save someone a few hand fulls of hair!!
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