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Originally Posted by bananaman View Post
...But wait- the Paraiso del Osa is like US$120/night? And you expect us to believe you stayed there?
I don't think the bear place is up to $120, but maybe I'm wrong (not unusual). He's an ex-cop from Ohio and does host some tour groups.

Regardless, you want to base in Creel. That's where the most services/stuff are close. Los Pinos Hotel, smack in the downtown (relatively speaking - stretch your imagination, or get a buzz on), was about $25 usd for 2 persons, secure courtyard-type parking, and decent rooms the last time I was there. Stayed there maybe 8 or so times, I think triples were about $30. Unless things have changed, there's one real bar in town, and it's two blocks away....something like that, anyway. Sometimes a few Euro chicks show up.....

The used-to-be KOA campground down at the end of the town strip has 2 person cabins for $50 usd or so, and tent camping. They charge $3 for a beer at their bar.

I've done Margarita's, too. She has two places in Creel, plus the hi-$ one away from everything in/near Batopilas.

If you're there for a week or so, you'll probably be bouncing between Creel and Urique....with maybe a Chinipas overnight, depending on how and what you want to ride. Alamos, on the western foothills of the sierras, has some fancy and historic hacienda rooms, if you want to shovel out the bucks.
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