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I woke up on Monday in Taupo and it was raining..... drove to the track and got the R90 checked out and ready to go.
Started off with a lesson on " the hook turn" and then went out in the damp to practice it. The R90 was running a bit rough, came in and Sid who has just build up a R90s track bike came and helped. We suspected water in carbs, drained them and back seemed lap in and the back felt squidgy and I pulled off the track....flat tyre......bugger.
They came an collected me, but the tyre guys had no tubes either....double bugger.......

They had no bikes to hire and I was bolloxed......
Hmmmm, I did just pick up a 3 owner 1976 R90 with 66 k on the clock from Waikanae that I bought sight unseen and have never even started.....I wonder......
" I have another bike mista"
" what is it?"
" Another old BMW..."
" is that a no"
" bring it in and we'll have a look"
nek minit....

Apart from the Dunlop K70's of unknown age and the rear looking a bit squared off it went well......clutch and brakes protested a bit......
The BMW performed pretty well, using the skill tought it cornered pretty well I thought for a bike with soft suspension.....its all in the throttle control and rider body position.
Once the track dried it was awesome....I forgot how old and horrible the tyres were and just dropped it into those corners, and Taupo sure has a lot, especially the full track.
There was a photographer there who took some pics of it too.
few pics in amongst the moderns...
My van lost its alt/pwr steering belt at Turangi and it was a fun no power steering trip back to Auckland.... 1300 km round I was knackered.
Thinking of Superbike School ...just do it...there were all sorts there from GN 250's to MV Augustas
Best money I have spent on bike mods.
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