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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
I can't keep up with all these faces and names...Is this the Advrider that is retired US Army and lives/lived in Manitou Springs CO used to post on Advrider under the name Wildman or Wild Man?
Hey Scott! Yep, that's me. I'm still around but post infrequently due to the demands of my "encore" career. I've still got pics of all of us heading up Pikes Peak after West Fest in 2006 (including Neduro), and still try to make as many ADV riding/rally events as possible.

As far as the Tuareg goes this year, I suppose I'll tell the "rest of the Bart story" through Jenny shortly, but suffice it to say I'll start a separate thread in Face Plant on how NOT to train for a big overseas rally opportunity once you've paid and entered.

It was a blast nonetheless. And you're not too old.... I turned 50 last year.

Later Flug!
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