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Originally Posted by Pate View Post
Alexey Barsukov lived in Nizhny Novgorod.

It went to Vladivostok.
It near 12000км!

The community the Internet watched its trip.

It reached to Vladivostok but on the way back was gone near Mogocha

The community of motorcyclists began its searches, bikers into place left.
Also found its remains.

The thread is here:
Who burned an empty shed it isn't known.

What brings me the most comfort and joy in this tragical incident is that the biker community in Russia respond so heavily on the loss of another fellow biker!

I`ve been a biker since I was 16 and I am slowly approaching 43 years of age and have taken the bike all over europe from France to the Balkans, been to Iceland and due to lack of time "only" visited Northcape on a 6250 km roundtrip in 8 days last year.

I have always stopped in an instant if I`ve seen a biker that has called for my attention! Just as a reaction!
Sometimes solving a technical problem, another time someone ran out of fuel and another time a biker was just lost.

On the contrary the same thing has happened to me.
Once i lost my frontsprocket on a road to Kraljevica in Croatia after driving 2000 km from the south of Sweden where I live and ended up with 7 croatian bikers looking for my frontsprocket on the roadside for almost two full hours, one of the guys found the sprocket, it got late, there was a party and I had my own bed att one of the bikers house, five hours earlier we had never meet!!!

My point is that everywhere, no matter male, female, black, blue, yellow, young, old or side of the border bikers is like a universal brotherhood which gives me the world I want to live in. No questions asked we´re bikers aka brothers. Euphoric!

Sorry for the interruption, love your report!

Ängelholm, Scania!
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