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Rally Navigator Update - (Small update!)


Sorry to be slow on the updates - I was busy...doing something "Diabolical" :)

We just released an update to Rally Navigator - fixed a lot of stuff under the skin and a few bugs. We won't totally fix the "Save" issue till Dave gets back from his Taureg Adventure.

In the meantime, enjoy:
  • Added a new "create roads" interface, you no longer have to go into a specific tab to add a road
  • Started an "Add Text" feature to add simple text descriptions with a quick drag and drop
    • Both of these need some help on the GUI, but the idea is coming along.
  • Fixed an occasional text bubble pop up over a newly created track handle
  • Cleaned up the header a bit
  • Fixed some weird behavior around the first and last WP in a route
  • Added 120 speed limit icon
  • Removed a duplicate "Ford' icon
  • Improved load and save function - its still not perfect.

We probably created a few new bugs also...

Take it for a spin at

Let me know how it goes,
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