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When you cross at Beaver Creek, there is a RV camp on your left side with a really big but very rocky parking lot. Its right after you cross, it could actually be called border campground. Cant quite remember.

It was kinda late when I went in there, and they werent very pleasent and jerked a thumb in the direction where I could put up my tent, at the tail end of a big flat featurless rv parking area, no tress or privacy whatsoever. ( trees...)

And I think they wanted to charge me 25 bucks I think.....for nothing. I would have had a more pleasurable experience camping in a walmart parking lot. Anyway a friendly rv'er directed me to a free campground about 10 mins down the road, I think it was called " deadmans creek".

Super people, clean bathrooms, no shower, and a lovely wooden walkway/ trail down to the lake where I had my cafe in the am. Highly recommended. Just gotta keep your eyes open for the entrence on your left side at mile marker whatever, sorry, cant remember....anyway, hardley anyone there, it was awesome.

Yukon has cheap camping at territorial parks, one I stayed at, I had it all to myself. 10 bucks and free firewood. All very clearly marked and they are very plentiful, seems like there is just another one right down the road.

Whitehorse has the campground just outside of town, at that intersection, cant remeber whats its called. Not the one across from the ball diamond. Anyway, best bathrooms ever. And cheap.
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