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Originally Posted by Rauven View Post
I enjoyed tracking the videos and updates on BMW website very much :) I look forward to reading more from the inside man point of view :)

Out of shear curiosity, how did the tradeoff go when it comes to riding vs. media event ? Was there alot of 'Ok, wait here, we'll set up the cameras, now ride, nah, one more time' stuff, or the media people actually managed to run circles around You, so You guys just did the riding and they managed to film it without spoiling the experience ?
Good Q… There’s a lot to be said here, most of which I like to think will be covered in the coming notes… But, I suppose the most unique and positive element of the riding was the ability to see the GS perform in “My” turf… That is to say, taking it dead in the middle of the playgrounds I frequent. It was supremely satisfying to push this machine to its (ok… my) limits in familiar territory, especially given that I was usually riding my own 2012 Adventure (2 liquid-cooled bikes, 5 riders… Some switching off was necessary). Having the ability to switch from one to another was ideal, as I had clear memory of how each performed.

And yes, my Adventure now feels like a tank with a flat tire.
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