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Originally Posted by Norris Packard View Post
Hi guys this is my first time posting,

So I currently have a 2005 Triumph Bonneville T100 and I love it for doing road riding and have taken it on some pretty bad roads in the back country between California highways 299 and 36. I am not thinking of getting rid of this motorcycle but was thinking about setting up a second one for more heavy duty fire roads and some mild off road areas.

Can a Bonneville T100 set up with better shocks and converted to the high pipes get the same clearance as a Scrambler? I figure if I change the front sprocket to a 17T, or even a 16T, that I can get about the same felt torque as what the 270 degree crank motor puts out. It may be sacrilege to say but I could care less about how the engine sounds and am much more worried about the performance being as good as I can get out of this frame.

I could use some input on the best shocks to be using but cost is also a factor at most I would be looking at the $700 range and would rather keep it lower, I know this has been covered before in posts that I had read but many were 3-5 years old so if anyone has current info that would be very useful.

Because a Bonneville uses 1" handle bars it was difficult to locate a motocross bar that would fit but found these:

I was also planing on putting an Arrow 2:1 on it and know that I need to get the bracket and right side cover for that modification.

Used Bonnevilles are much easier to find than Scramblers and unfortunately I can't afford to buy a new motorcycle, only used. Plus I like carbureted way more than the new fuel injected so I am looking at only 2005-2007 Bonnevilles and 2006-2007 Scramblers as options.

So what do you guys think? Probably that I am crazy... :)

Ciao Norris, hi all (this is my first post also).

Look here my 2001 Bonneville T100 turned into a Scrambler

There is a long list of changes (and pics), if you are interested I can translate from italian in my bad english.
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