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Originally Posted by JustRon View Post
^ +1
If you think a KTM/'berg is too expensive to maintain, why are you looking at a race bike with lights that only holds a quart of oil?
Some of you may have misread my post.
I'm not looking for a race bike with a plate - something like that would make a great second bike. The te511 husky to me is not a race bike, whilst it could be used as one, it is certainly not it's design intent. A race husky in my mind would be a TC310R or WR300.
I have legitimately researched KTM's, they are far more expensive new and secondhand than equivalents here (e.g. wr450f etc.). Secondhand condition of available ktms are questionable. Also cost for parts in Australia for them are very high. Even husky parts are relatively cheaper, and i would expect the BMW motor would need far less in hard parts than a katoom. They're a rich mans bike here, and i just can't see the justification to pay more for what they offer. So whilst it's great if they suit you, i have checked them out for myself, and for my circumstances they do not suit.

IF i did have that sort of cash i would get two bikes, but neither would be a ktm. maybe a YZ250?

Buying a bike from another state unseen is just asking to throw money away, i don't know how trustworthy americans are, but you can't trust an aussie to advertise something honestly.

Changing oil is not expensive, or difficult. to me its a complete non factor when differentiating between models. No matter what bike i have i always change the oil very often for peace of mind.

IF you are an aggresive rider, the higher performance bike is just so much more rewarding.
Maybe if you were looking at this scenario as if all bikes cost the same to buy and maintain. But this is not the case. I can and do ride aggressively, i love riding high performance bikes. But you can't ride all hipo bikes to and from trails. And i'm sorry but from my personal experience with ktm i would not say they are nearly as durable as the equivalents available here. I wouldn't expect a 525 to last more than one season of my use without a rebuild.
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