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Originally Posted by henryporter View Post
Krime, really great stuff, enjoying the hell out of it. Before you sign off on this finally, would you be put out by posting some of the costs involved (bike rental), how you got the gear (helmets, rain gear, etc.), if it was acquired there, did you bring it over with you, that kind of thing? I'm in the planning stage of a Scotland to Sicily trip and any info will be helpful. hp
Sounds like it will be a great ride! Here's the details from our trip:

Bike Rental:

The GS was rented from Bournemouth Motorcycle Hire. For 10 days it ran us 780 UK pounds so around $1200 CDN all in - insurance, green card (for travellng through Europe), BMW roadside assistance, GPS, and unlimited mileage. This was a great rate considering! It was a super small business, literally run out of the guys home, but it was far cheaper than central London based rentals that wouldn't offer unlimited mileage. The bike I had, had 50,000 miles on it by the time I was done, but it ran super strong.

The port at Poole (to take the ferry to France) was a 15 minute ride away, so very convenient that way.


We brought our jackets, waterproof gloves, rain suits, rain boot covers from home. The helmets were provided with the rental, as well as jackets (which we hadn't known and brought our own). The rain covers were Frog Toggs, which held up pretty well… although the cut outs to allow for access to the jacket pockets underneath wasn't smart, as it let the rain in at times (not sure how the newer models hold up, I'm imagining they would have addressed this issue by now).

As I mentioned in a previous post, the gloves were fine, but not all that waterproof at the end of the day. Wearing wet gloves going into the next day was never enjoyable, especially when you're traveling through the Alps - I'd be sure to bring a second pair. Next time, I'd also be sure to bring along boots… dropping a bike of this weight on our ankles would have been devastating, and there's no way I would risk that again.


We brought along headsets, a video camera, 2 iPhones, multi port USB wall chargers, and power adapters all from home (there was a massive bag of wires for all the technology) . The headsets used were Sena's SMH10 bluetooths. Replacing our old Chatterbox set, We ordered them just for the trip and absolutely loved them. After the first 4 straight days of rain, they held up incredibly well. Battery life got us through every day without issues, including listening to our iPods the majority of the day.

The video camera is a Contour HD 720p (I've had now for a good few years now). It's a great camera although I did find it frustrating on two counts:
1) You have no idea what the camera is seeing until you get home and review it on a computer. At the end of Day 6 I dropped my helmet and had to readjust the view, which ended up being slightly too high.
2) The battery life was brutal… I'd go through 2 batteries easy on long days which was frustrating when it came to charging both every night.

The Garmin Zumo GPS was rented with the bike. This was a life saver although the one I had was definitely buggy and would involuntarily power off at times, causing past routes to be lost in the process. In the future, it would have been great to download the routes post trip… it would have saved a lot of Google Maps searching to retrace our steps.


As mentioned above, the bike rental was around $1200 all in. One thing that's easy to forget about is the cost of gas - we spent around 400 pounds (~$600) for the 3000+km put on. Hotels ran us on average 90 euro (~$120) depending on our stay. Our most expensive was about $200 in Meringen Switzerland, although we purposely treated ourselves that day. Food adds up! Especially in Switzerland, the prices will surprise you if you haven't been before.
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