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Russia looks very much like Northern Ontario.....I agree 100% with your assessment of the scenery! When riding from Toronto to the west to get up to Dawson city.....the ride out of Ontario is the toughest of the whole trip! It takes 2 1/2 days fo teadious riding. Sure it's beautifull in it's own way, but I'm or we're used to it, so you're always looking for something new to look at.
When riding these adventures, it's easy to get into a slump where you question why.....why am I doing this. As you have said...but deep down it's you who knows why and it's you who has to answer to your decission on which way you go and why.

Can I ask....what do you do for a living that allows you the time and fortune to be able to do these adventures? You are not doing it on the cheap may I say. Maybe that is because there isn't any reason to camp etc every night...? Some places I expect it's so cheap that it makes hotels or motels just a sensible choice? I'm just need to answer if you don't want.
Personally I camp as much as possible just to keep costs down and also to rough it so to speak, get out of your comfort zone type of thing. I've done so much camping I actually prefer it now over motels etc. To each their own.

Please keep up the videos and telling your story.....just love it!

Thanks for the fix....we had a fresh 3 inches of snow last night and at this rate we won't be riding by June!
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