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Curitiba to Blumenau, Wednesday, 20 March 2013, Day 260

Blumenau in the Rain[/caption]

Todays destination is a Germanic town of Blumenau that Jake told me about all I know that there is a huge beer festival every year biggest in the world after Munich and allegedly lots of pretty girls. Not to far so no hurry to leave weather dull and overcast as I leave Curitiba sort of try’s to rain all day but not enough to put my waterproofs on but damp and greasy in places.

Heading for a Posada I had the address of and just as I find the place after riding around in ever decreasing circles its starts to rain. Checked in and was debating whether on how long to stay as I had no idea what there was to do in this place. There was a mini beer festival, which was starting today which is the universe way of taking the piss out of Philly as he had decided to stay dry till he gets home :-( lady at the hostel is not sure she has space for tomorrow night so book in for one night and go for a wander and it is really pissing down. Walk around in the rain for a couple of hours piss wet through sure this may be a nice town but in this weather not that attractive nice modern cathedral and German looking buildings dotted all over the place. Get in to ruck about 50 cents on a bill for a pasty and coke I had so still in a looking for a ruck kind of mood or maybe I was just soaked and tired and sick of getting screwed even if its only 50 cents so what happened to the relaxed chilled out Philly looks like he still hiding need to drag him out or its not going to be a very nice couple of weeks. Headed back to the Posada soaked to the skin by now was going to take a look at the beer festival but it was to far to walk in this weather and temptation to fall of the wagon and go on a serious bender was there and I am not sure that is the wisest move at the moment :-)

Spent the evening trying to get kit dry and reading started a new book as part of lets get Phill to slow down and relax campaign John Grisham novel so not so taxing and easy reading.

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