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Originally Posted by a1fa View Post
Before you invest more effort, time, and money,

The best thing about all this is that you pretty much have a blank canvas.. You can do whatever you want at this point. And depending on what you have stockpiled, or what is available and what you are comfortable with will ultimately drive your decision, but be mindful that some choices have already been made for you... ie: it may be the cheapest and easiest to buy another engine, crack it open, and upgrade things before they break, and literally start with a fresh motor with 0 miles.

Swapping to TDI is nice, but totally not worth it. The effort, and replacement cost trump every reward. Ultimately, you are better of selling it, and buying one already converted.

I faced the same dilemma when I decided to replace the engine in my Vanagon. I have already invested so much time, effort and money, that my choice has already been made for me -- another aircooled Type4, even-though a watercooled Subaru would have been feasible, but that would've meant I have to part with a $500 exhaust, and other new items I already had for the Type4.
Have you tried to find a Eurovan TDi statside? They pretty much don't exist.

I know of 3 conversions. 2 are full campers, easily $50k+ and not for sale. The last one is an older model turquoise weekender that isn't complete yet.

If they would just make cars like I want them dammit .... . Or at least bring them to the USA.

I considered listing it for sale this morning and shopping for a Domestic van of any sort. That idea was met with stern discouragement from my wife. I'm an equal opportunity car lover domestic and foreign...... They wife...... Not so much
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